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   Chris Humphrey
    Cj Matthews
    Brian Kuetemeyer
    Tim James
     Davey Sutton
   Cliff Genthon

"Straight Out The Barnyard"

Chris Humphrey-I'm 21 years old ,lived in NC all my life,loved music at an early age. I've played guitar with different people over the years, but this is the band I sing with.I do a lot of melodies with growls and some screaming.Some of my favorite bands: Incubus,Kilswitch Ingage,SlipKnot ,Shadows Fall, Pantera, and many more. 
CJ Mathews-  I was born in NC 22 years ago. I like fucking playing music. I'm a self-expeiremental herbal scientist. I listen to Slipknot, Slayer, The Wu, etc... And I like singing more than your life. "Bite it you scum"- GG Allin
Brian Kuetemeyer-I was born in Illinois in 1982, I moved down here in '97. I love all types of music, and draw my playing from all styles. The all time number one band is 311, there is none better. You must see them live before you die. My main influences right now are Pantera, Shadows Fall, and Slipknot.
         Favorite Show-Family Guy, Favorite Movie- CKY's, Favorite Song- "Tune In" by 311, Favorite Beer: The High Life baby
Tim James- 34, born and raised in Jacksonville, moved to Greenville 3yrs ago. I was born to play guitar and rule the world. I'm influenced by punk, metal, and other shit. Tim James Bitch!!!
Davey Sutton- Davey was created 2 1/2 years ago in my lab, up in my attic.  He grew rapidly, faster than my calculations predicted. I feared that he would soon overpower me, and break out of the lab.  I could not unleash that fury on the public, I had to do something, so I gave him his first four string.  Soon, he became pre-occupied with slapping the strings, instead of my face.  His skills improved remarkably, that's when I learned his destiny... he was to play bass for Barnyard mutha-fuckin Fantasies!!
Cliffy-G- My name is Cliff, I am 24 years old, and I'm from Greenville North Cakalak. I like long walks on the beach, with midgets. I am thrice divorced and I live in a Volvo down by the river!! A word of advice... don't ever let a prostitute borrow your car to go to the store, 'cause she aint coming back.